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Surprise STAR TREK Icons To Turn Up In Abrams’ Movie???

I am – Hercules!!
Latino Review covered last weekend's WonderCon panel with IDW Comics (publisher of the terrific “Countdown” prequel/sequel to J.J. Abrams' upcoming “Star Trek” movie), and it looks like the participation of Jean-Luc Picard, Data and possibly other “Next Generation” icons may not be limited to the funnybooks:
"The end of issue 4 is a cliffhanger and is going to continue in the first few minutes of the movie." Right after that was said, another writer (or artist) said that part of the movie will take place with the Next Generation crew and to look out for that. Another guy on the panel gave him a quick "uh oh" look and smiled. After that, someone from the audience asked "So are members of the Next Generation cast in the new Trek movie?" to which the same guy replied, "I really cannot say anything about that."
If true? Best news I’ve heard all week! (Can’t wait to see how well the CGI takes out 60-year-old Brent Spiner’s wrinkles!) This news reminds me that William Shatner and George Takei were visited by writer-director Abrams just prior to the announcement of Abrams' involvement in the new “Star Trek” movie, which hits U.S. cinemas May 8 (just two months and six days from right now!). Find all of Latino Review’s story on the matter (plus video of the apparent slip) here.

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