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UPDATED!! That old TERMINATOR SALVATION Trailer!!! (is now a brand new one)!!!

Merrick here... I'm not sure what the hell was happening to Harry while posting the article below (and I'm not sure I wanna know), clear up any confusion... There's a brand new TERMINATOR SALVATION trailer online over at Yahoo. Here's an embed:

You can find it in spectacular HD...


It doesn't suck at all. In fact, this is anti-suck.

Hey there Yogi Bear, Harry here! This time with the TERMINATOR SALVATION trailer that Harry thought that Quint described at Wondercon this weekend, which has gone up over at Yahoo Movies in HD! I have to say - this film is looking real good - and just wait till y'all get a glimpse of Young Arnie - it'll blow your minds. Seriously. Not that I would actually know, I'm just saying. It bet it is awesome! Ahem. Yeah. Anyway, here ya go:

TERMINATOR: SALVATION Full Theatrical Trailer #1

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