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A New Image From The STAR TREK Film Shows...Not Much!!

Merrick here...
I'm getting really, really, really frustrated with the marketing for Abrams' STAR TREK. All the footage we've been seeing is from the same four or five sequences - sometimes it's exactly the same material we've seen before, rearranged. Many of the publicity photos we've seen are repeats or variants of Pine & Quinto staring into the camera like gloomy stalker pervs. Everyone who has seen this movie talks about how fantastic it is & many indicate there's tons of stuff in the film that hasn't even seen hinted at by the footage we've been fed thus far. I understand and appreciate Abrams' desire to hold back some secrets/surprises until we get to the theater, but surely the film offers enough variety so that a few more ingredients can be shared? So far, this is all feeling...not entirely convincing. This said, Total Film has posted one of the only new bits of JJ TREK media to hit in a while: it's a shot of Kirk and Spock talking to Hulk on the bridge view screen. Hope they can fix that reception - looks like that screen would have pretty sweet HD when it's up and running. Click the pic to jump to the article of origin.

Also, this next thing went online some time ago & didn't seem like it was worthy of a post by itself. But, since we're talking about TREK... The movie's official site has a new feature allowing users to (partially) navigate two Enterprise corridors. You can zoom in on a few control panels, etc. Click the pic below to go there...
then... ENTER THE SITE ---> NAV ---> PANORAMAS. Select which corridor you want to peruse, and when the file opens up start dragging your mouse across it.

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