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Ryan Gosling and Emile Hirsch Both Turned Down The Chance To Wield Hal Jordan’s Power Ring In GREEN LANTERN?? HowButWHAT??

I am – Hercules!!
In brightest day or blackest night, some actors can’t be bothered to take on one of the most iconic roles in comicdom? Latino Review is reporting that both Ryan Gosling (“The Notebook”) and Emile Hirsch (“Speed Racer”) apparently turned down the lead in “Green Lantern,” and Australian Sam Worthington (“Terminator Salvation,” “Avatar”) could not take the role because he’s busy with “Clash of the Titans.” The movie will reportedly deal with silver-age Green Lantern Hal Jordan, who in the comics is a test pilot chosen by an ancient alien race to protect Sector 2814 of the Milky Way. To aid his effort, Hal is given a "power ring" that allows him to do darn near anything. (The “Justice League” script on George Miller’s docket apparently features only John Stewart, the latter day Green Lantern featured in the “Justice League” cartoon series.) Earlier this month, Variety reported that Warner Bros. was pursuing Martin Campbell (“Casino Royale”) to direct "Lantern." This contradicted a 2007 Variety story that had Greg Berlanti (who wrote and directed the 2000 gay romantic dramedy “Broken Hearts Club” before he went on to oversee the TV ventures “Dawson’s Creek,” “Jack & Bobby” and “Brothers & Sisters”) set to write and direct the project. Latino Review further reports that Anton Yelchin, already on geek radar for nabbing the roles of Pavel Chekov in “Star Trek” and Kyle Reese in “Terminator Salvation,” is now a contender for the role. Apparently someone like 37-year-old Nathan Fillion is already considered too geezerly. Find all of Latino Review’s story on the matter here.

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