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Ditching LOST Early??

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Did Jacob order Kate’s return so he could kill her? Everybody seems to agree that Kate will become the female skeleton found in the caves during season one, and now it looks like she’ll begin her long journey to skeletonhood sooner rather than later. Korbi Ghosh at Zap2It reports that Evangeline Lilly is auditioning for pilots. Pilots shooting this spring are for potential series that would air next season. Next season is supposed to be “Lost’s” sixth and final season. This doesn’t make a lot of sense -- unless producers are about to kill off Kate Austen. Which, you know, would be a heck of a swell twist and a great way to justify a little bloodletting on the parts of Jack Shephard and James Ford. Lilly's publicist calls the report "absolutely false." And as we all know, publicists are the most trustworthy individuals on this planet. Find all of zap2it’s story here.

The New Prequel About The People Who Thought Cylons Were A Good Idea!!

Kirk!! Spock!! Blu-ray!!

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