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TOTAL RECALL is being recalled... totally...

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with the second promised remake news of the morning... It's been whispered about for a while... first a sequel and not it seems that studios ask why risk it? Remake Paul Verhoeven's adaptation of Philip K. Dick's WE CAN REMEMBER IT FOR YOU WHOLESALE, known as TOTAL RECALL. Much like NEVERENDING STORY this is a film that I have very fond memories of, but have always heard Dick's story was so much more. I don't mind this as much as NEVERENDING STORY, but it all rests on what the motivations of those trying to remake it are. Are they trying to capture Dick's story and adapt it faithfully to the screen or are they just cashing in on a popular name? Neal H. Moritz's Original Films is in final negotiations to develop this film for Columbia. What worries me if that Moritz seems to be putting the focus on the flash and making a "contemporary" version of the 1990 film, using state of the art visual effects, according to Hollywood Reporter. Thoughts? Besides, of course, how much better Quato looked as a puppet versus a CG creation... Damn it, Cohagen! Give da people der air!

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