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Brand new UP poster for your eyeballs, plus some info for you guys attending WonderCon!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I've been lucky enough to see the beginning of UP in two different forms... One is a shorter form comprised almost completely of storyboards, which I saw April of 2008 and then the opening 45 minutes that played at BNAT which was mostly finished. Both times Carl's heartbreaking story got to me and I felt that UP looked to be classic Pixar. They're doing a panel at WonderCon on UP and then 250 lucky WonderCon attendees will get to see that 45 minutes we all got to see at BNAT. I'll get to those details in a minute, but first let me give you the first look at the UP bus stop poster (click to make big):

Not mind blowing in design, but I think Carl is going to be a character that sticks with us if the opening of the movie is any indication. For those, like me, attending WonderCon, here's the info on the screening. You must have a WonderCon badge to get in. The theater is the Metreon, near the Moscone Center and the presentation starts at 7:30pm, with director Pete Doctor and producer Jonas Rivera in attendance. It's first come first serve, but no line is allowed to form before 5:30pm. I will probably abstain from the screening even that I'd love to see the footage again... but I just think it'd be a dick move to take the seat from someone who hasn't seen it yet. Hope to see a lot of you in San Francisco. I leave bright and early in the mo'nin'! Speaking of, I better get my shit together! -Quint

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