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A Verbinski Directed PIRATES 4?? Not Yet, But Would You Like A New CLUE Movie Instead?!?!

Merrick here...
Looks like Gore Verbinki is gonna direct a movie based on the board game CLUE. This is part of the same, grim onslaught that's bringing us a Ridley Scott produced MONOPOLY movie and a Platinum Dunes produced OUIJA film.
Clue had its first go-round on the big screen nearly 25 years ago, when Paramount released a campy parlor mystery starring Christopher Lloyd and Madeline Kahn. The movie didn't make much noise at the boxoffice, but it became a cult hit of sorts, gaining fame because three separate versions with three separate endings were released to theaters. Universal has yet to attach a writer to the new "Clue."
...says THIS ARTICLE in Hollywood Reporter. If Shia plays the body? Then I'm interested... TALKBACKERS - let the casting begin!!

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