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JONAH HEX and GREEN LANTERN place their names on dates in 2010!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... Wow. You know. I really really hope that WATCHMEN does tremendous business. I really do. The reason is that I just can not fathom a return to shit Comic Book movie adaptations of years past. The success of films like IRON MAN and DARK KNIGHT are clear indicators that adapting the material with love and affection and intellect and vision... that it's the way to go. That's what I saw on screen for WATCHMEN and I hope it becomes a phenomenon. Cuz Warners intends to continue mining comic gold. We'll get JONAH HEX on August 6th 2010. Then in the Holiday season, the Emerald Knight will be charging his ring and projecting on screens on December 17th in GREEN LANTERN. God that'd be cool. I want GREEN LANTERN to be something that we've yet to still see. It needs to be ambitious as hell, on a truly stunning scale. And it needs to be smart. Can't believe this stuff is coming about. JONAH HEX. Just crazy man!

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