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Rourke still may be in IRON MAN 2

Hey folks, Harry here... Shifting realities is often a part of the film biz. Arnie in, Arnie wavering... Rourke out, Rouke maybe in. Often times in Hollywood, the public reports you see are all about positioning - what THEY need you to hear. Like now. It's fairly obvious that Mickey Rourke and his agent are in intense negotiations with Marvel regarding his involvement in IRON MAN 2. It seems in the interview below... that Mickey is signaling his desire to be a part of IRON MAN 2, to work with Favreau - to act with Robert Downey Jr - But he isn't committing, he's waxing on about how it would be nice if it could work out. And it may work out. Perhaps... perhaps the whole thing is about timing, and if he wins the Academy Award for best Actor on Sunday, on Monday - Marvel will meet their deal, and if he loses, perhaps he'll take their deal. Who's to say for sure how all of this will play out. I'm merely reporting that it is in flux, undecided and hoping that it works out.

Here's the latest from Rourke!

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