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Robert Rodriguez set to make NERVERACKERS at long last!

Hey folks, Harry here... I know a lot of you have been screaming wanting another SIN CITY, but the news that finally hit today is frankly the best news you could hope for from Robert Rodriguez. Over 11 years ago, when Robert first swung by my house to pick me up to paint a model kit of KALI from GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD at his house - he put BLADE RUNNER on a screen and dialed all the color out and said, someday I want to make a badass science fiction film noir. He even had a name for the project, NERVERACKERS! That was all he had. But over time, the idea has continued to percolate, until just recently it finally started to turn into a full fledged movie. NERVERACKERS will be a hard core Science Fiction badass gritty flick. At least if it is anything like the tidbits here and there that Robert has been telling folks about over the past decade. Then, it looks like he'll make his JETSONS movie, which will most likely be the exact opposite of what he's doing with NERVERACKERS. Robert was shooting some tests for this film recently and was quite giddy about how it was coming together... last time we spoke. NERVERACKERS will be racking nerves April 16th, 2010!

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