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FANBOYS is expanding in 10 more markets! Big Columbus, OH screening! Wow!

Hey folks, Harry here... Ernie Cline, screenwriter of FANBOYS, and geek-nerd extraordinaire sent me the following amazing news about his little film that is having it's own little Cinderella story. Often times when you see these films roll out like this, they never get past stage one... then two months later they hit DVD. Well, we don't yet have an eta on the DVD/Blu-Ray, but there is some good news with FANBOYS. It's per screen business, with basically no AD support at all has been strong enough that the powers that be at the Weinstein Company are doing a further roll out into other College markets. Here's what Ernie sent me:

Fanboys Invades More Cities! Fanboys expands on Friday, February 20 into 10 more cities/regions including: Boston, Washington DC, Detroit, Atlanta, Phoenix, Orlando, Daytona Beach FL, Hartford CT, New Haven CT, Raleigh-Durham NC, and Columbus OH. Note: Fanboys will continue to play in Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle-Tacoma, Houston, and Austin. However, if you live in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, or San Francisco and wish to see Fanboys on the big screen, please do so by Thursday, Feb. 19 as it will be your last chance. Below is a list of theater locations for the weekend of February 20: Los Angeles 1 American Multi-Cinema, Inc. Block 30 @ Orange Orange 2 WF Holdings (Mann LA) Mann Chinese 6 Hollywood 3 American Multi-Cinema, Inc. AMC Town Center 8 Burbank Chicago 4 American Multi-Cinema, Inc. South Barrington 30 South Barrington Boston (New Market) 5 American Multi-Cinema, Inc. Liberty Tree Mall 20 Danvers 6 Landmark Theaters Kendall Square Cinema 9 Cambridge Washington, DC (New Market) 7 American Multi-Cinema, Inc. Hoffman Center 22 Alexandria 8 Phoenix Adlabs Union Station 9 Washington 9 Regal Entertainment Group Countryside 20 Sterling Detroit (New Market) 10 American Multi-Cinema, Inc. Forum 30 - Sterling Hts Sterling Heights 11 Centurion Uptown Birmingham 8 Birmingham Atlanta (New Market) 12 Paulson Theatre Services Plaza Theatre Atlanta 13 Regal Entertainment Group North Point Market 8 Alpharetta Houston 14 City Cinemas Angelika Film Center Houston Seattle-Tacoma 15 American Multi-Cinema, Inc. Pacific Place 11 Seattle 16 Regal Entertainment Group Alderwood 7 Theatres Lynwood 17 Regal Entertainment Group Parkway Plaza 12 Tukwila Phoenix (New Market) 18 American Multi-Cinema, Inc. Westgate 20 Theatres Glendale 19 American Multi-Cinema, Inc. Deer Valley 30 + Imax Phoenix 20 Harkins Theatres Harkins Chandler Fashion Center 20 Chandler 21 Harkins Theatres Superstition Springs 25 Mesa 22 Harkins Theatres Arizona Mills 24 Theatre Tempe Denver (New Market) 23 American Multi-Cinema, Inc. Westminster Promenade 24 Westminster 24 Kerasotes Theatres Colony Square 12 Louisville 25 Regal Entertainment Group Denver West Village 12 Golden Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbrn (New Market) 26 American Multi-Cinema, Inc. Universal Cineplex 20 Orlando 27 Regal Entertainment Group Pointe 21 Theaters Orlando 28 Regal Entertainment Group Oviedo Marketplace 22 Oviedo Hartford & New Haven (New Market) 29 Bow Tie Cinemas Criterion New Haven 7 New Haven Raleigh-Durham (New Market) 30 Cinema Service Company Raleigh Grand Raleigh 31 Independent Theaters - US Galaxy Theatre - Cary 32 Regal Entertainment Group Crossroads 20 Cary Columbus, OH (New Market) 33 AMC Lennox Town Center 24 - Columbus, OH *** 34 Marcus Theatres Pickerington - Pickerington, OH Austin 35 Alamo South Lamar ***COLUMBUS PREMIERE - There will be a Premiere followed by a Q&A at 9:50pm on February 20 in Columbus OH at the AMC Lennox Town Center 24 theater, (777 Kinnear Rd.) with guests Kyle Newman (Director), Ernie Cline (writer), and Matthew Perniciaro & Kevin Mann (Producers). Jason Swank and Jimmy Mac from TheForce-Cast will be in attendance along with members of the 501st, The Rebel Legion, the Ohio FanForce and local TV and Radio.
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