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Well, AICN COMICS: SHOOT THE MESSENGER is your weekly one stop shop for comic book -EWS. What’s comic book –EWS? Well, it’s our hodge podge of everything not reviews here at AICN Comics. Sure you can find out the @$$Holes’ critical opinions of your favorite books every Wednesday at AICN Comics. But here, you’ll find special reports such as previews, interviews, special features, and occasionally news gathered here from our online brethren at Newsarama, CBR, Wizard, etc. Sure those guys are the best at reporting news as it breaks. Click on the links for the original stories. This column cuts the crap to run down all the vital information for those of you who don’t follow it as it comes in, and serves it all up with that special ingredient of @$$y goodness.

Hey folks, Ambush Bug here with an early look at the upcoming LEPRECHAUN #1 comic coming soon from Blue Water Comics, a publisher that’s been making a lot of “waves” lately and one worth taking a look at. This week’s Comic Book Evolution features a “commentary track” to a few pages from issue one by the artist of the series Kris Carter. Let’s hear what Kris has to say about these pages in their early stages from LEPRECHAUN #1.

For this article I was asked to pick my 6 favorite pages from issue 1 of LEPRECHAUN so we could show what goes into a comic from concept to pencils to print. It took me a little while for me to choose between my children. Eventually I weeded out the red headed ones and finally decided on a 5 page flashback sequence.
In this particular scene it is the first violence we see perpetrated by the titular character, The Leprechaun. In contrast to the rest of this issue we see a little of the movie LEPRECHAUN in these pages. That evil, mischievous little imp shows up to get a little revenge for having his gold stolen.
Even at the layout stage I envisioned this scene darker than the rest of the issue up to this point. I tried to do this with shadows and detail. A lot of the detail in this scene is there to add depth and a claustrophobic effect for the characters. I also tried to play with the angles of the panels to show the off kilter tone of what is to come.

Now, the Leprechaun that you might be familiar with from the cheese-tastic movies of the 80'-90's is not the same little scamp we have running around this book. He is a little more vicious, mobile, and motivated. You would never have seen Warwick Davis jumping on desks swing a sword with any amount of fluidity. This is definitely where the comic have the edge over movies. In film there is a general limitation of the actor’s athleticism versus what we can make a character do in comics. Where wires and stunt doubles would be necessary for this scene in a movie. I can draw it rather easily, with no extra cost to budget.

You will notice that with this first issue I kept very close to the layouts that I had approved by the editor. This is the first time I have worked with Darren and Blue Water so I tried to make sure there were no surprises. I also wanted to make sure that everyone was comfortable with what I saw in my head versus the script. Thankfully everyone is happy with what I am doing. Or so they tell me.

With the climax of this scene we see Dr. Coindealer(still hate that name) being made to literally pay with his flesh for his greed and avarice. We get to see as his body is transformed into British pound notes to pay for his sins against the Leprechaun. Drawing the hundreds of the bills wasn't that hard but having to Photoshop them in, I am sure, was a nightmare. Sorry Tom! That is where the colorist comes in to add what is needed in the scene. From the notes to the paintings, to various posters and computer screens I asked a lot of the colorist in this issue. Penciling it wouldn't have had the same effect as dropping in real representations of the items. If you have the technology to make the work better, use it.

Well...I don't know what else to say. I tried to stay very faithful to the script with this issue, and especially with this scene. I really dig the way it came out. I am rarely happy with my own work but I look back on this sequence two issues later and I am still pleased with what I did. I hope everyone out there checks out the book and gives us the benefit of the doubt, and stays tuned in for the whole series. I would be castrated if I gave anything away, but this series gets a whole hell of a lot more brutal, and outdoes the horror of the original films in every way. When I get to draw the over the top violence and evil of the Leprechaun, all I can do is smile :)
Kris Carter

This series looks to be a lot of fun. Thanks Kris and Blue Water for this early look at LEPRECHAUN. Be sure to check it out when it hits the stands in May.

It’s Bug back again with another twirl on the Spinner Rack to the Future, shall we? This week we’ve got a hearty handful of previews for y’all to enjoy. First up is a preview to DARK AVENGERS #2. Norman Osbourne and his villains in disguise look to be tussling with Doc Doom soon. That art by Deodato makes my drool glands work overtime. Check out these preview pages.

Look for DARK AVENGERS #2 evilling up the shelves on Wednesday.

Next we’ve got a preview book from Radical for the upcoming year. These pages were previously only available at the New York Comic Con, but we’ve got them here to share with all of you. Take a look at what Radical has in store for all of you in the coming months.

Looks like it’s going to be a good year for Radical. Look for their beautiful and imaginative titles in the upcoming months.

Sure the movie stunk, but PUNISHER MAX has been good from issue one and even though Ennis left a few issues ago, it still packs a punch. Here’s a preview of issue #67.

I like to make sounds like BRAKKA-LAKKA! and SPLITCH! while I read PUNISHER MAX. Is that weird? Look for PUNISHER MAX #67 this Wednesday.

From the guy who wrote ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS and the dude who draws WORMWOOD: GENTLEMAN CORPSE, IDW brings you GROOM LAKE; a miniseries about alien abduction like no other. Chris Ryall and Ben Templesmith are two talented guys and I can’t wait to dig my teeth into this miniseries. Check out this sneak peek.

Look for GROOM LAKE from IDW on March 18th. This looks to be one damn cool book.

Finally we have a preview to one of my favorite books Marvel is putting out these days, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Abnett and Lanning kick @$$ and take names with their band of space misfits on a monthly basis. Check out what I’m talking about below.

It’s got Groot, Rocket Raccoon, and Jack Flag. Why aren’t you buying this book? Check out GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY this Wednesday.

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