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I see lots of 'splosions! Must be time for Michael Bay's REVENGE OF THE FALLEN!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. So, naturally, cams of the TRANSFORMERS 2 trailer have already hit the internet. I actually really respect the studio for keeping the trailer theatrically exclusive for the weekend. I know we're part of the problem, but I really miss the days of seeing a trailer for the first time in a theater, not knowing it was about to play. But this is what happens in this day and age. People want to see the trailer, so other people want to be the ones to bring it to them and make sure to pack their flips or super spiffy camera-phones so they can rush home and upload it on YouTube. Many YouTubes of the trailer are out there and I'm sure they'll be systematically removed by the vigilant Paramount/Dreamworks team, so see it while you can. Or you can hold out until Monday when Yahoo Movies will have the trailer in glorious HD...

You know, this trailer is nothing but money shots... They know what to focus on... But I think they could craft a better trailer to really sell those shots, put them in context so it's not just a lot of action happening all jumbled together. But I can say that I have a feeling they're going to learn from some of the mistakes of the first movie. I can already tell a difference in the design of the robots, making them a little different and less confusing. I hope there's more focus on the robots interaction this time out. What do you guys think?

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