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Cobra Commander From Sommers' G.I. JOE Movie Revealed, Sorta!!

Merrick here...
What's a G.I. JOE movie without action figures? Toy packaging has revealed an admittedly stylized version of Cobra Commander from G.I. JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA. To the best of my knowledge (and correct me if I'm wrong), this is our first visual sense of the character's design in the movie - although this is a mighty toyetic interpretation. And, really, I can't think of any better impression to plant in your head regarding this film than...this...
I was going to say that the 'good news' about this image is that whatever ends up on screen won't look as goofy as these toy pics. Then I remembered the epic fail of VAN HELSING's creature work, so I can't actually offer such reassurance. This image above is appearing on multiple and unrelated sites across the Internet, so apologies in advance for my not being able to identify its point of origin. I believe it may've come from, who've been leaking all the TREK movie toys we've seen over the last couple of days (HERE). Not sure, though. If you click HERE, you can find recent images of G.I. JOE figures which less stylistically represent characters from the new movie.

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