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INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS Teaser Makes Scalping Nazis Look Awfully Appealing!!!

Beaks here...

I think Harry's going to have his set visit piece up in a few. Until then, here is your link to the most mainstream trailer you'll ever see for a Quentin Tarantino movie. Not to worry: this thing still looks like it's out of its fucking mind.

Nazi killin' is but a click away!!!

Love that ghoulish grin from Eli Roth. Don't know what to think about Samm Levine giving us a dead-eyed, "I just machine-gunned a truckload of Nazis" expression (farewell, Neal Schweiber). And that Hitler temper tantrum... I don't remember that from the script at all. I wonder if Tarantino did a little rewriting after that leaked-to-the-internet first draft. Indeed, I wonder... INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS opens August 21, 2009. Do not take that as a no-confidence release date. The film will almost certainly be screening at the Cannes Film Festival this May.

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