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Malcolm McDowell speaks out about what's in store for Rob Zombie's H2!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I wasn't a fan of Zombie's approach to the first HALLOWEEN. I don't know what I disliked the most... him trying something new that completely missed the point of what made Myers an icon in the first place or him just copying the first movie beat by beat for the second half. I think Zombie's talents can be focused on original material and we can all be happy. But as you know he's doing the next HALLOWEEN movie (titled H2) and here are some tidbits straight out of Malcolm McDowell's mouth. I love McDowell as an actor, but hated what he turned Loomis into and reading the below I now see how he approached the character. I understand, but that doesn't mean I like it and I think it spits in the face of what made the Loomis/Myers relationship work in even the shittiest of the Halloween sequels. At least we know we're in for more Danielle Harris. That's the one thing I was able to take away from Zombie's remake... I had a crush on her growing up, so I was certainly appreciative of what she gave all of us in that second half... Anyway, here's 'Terrence Bernardi' with a rundown of McDowell's talk at the a SAG event featuring Mr. McDowell! Enjoy!

Hello, all! I'm no fan of Rob Zombie's take on the Myers saga...but, having said that, I figured it's my duty as a fellow horror/"Halloween" fan to share any and all news related to the upcoming film, "H2". Legendary actor Malcolm McDowell was the Guest of Honor at a SAG Foundation "Conversations" Event tonight in Hollywood. During the 2-hour proceedings, the British thespian discussed his career and touched on a variety of subjects ranging from his debut film, "If" (which apparently convinced Kubrick to cast him as Alex in "A Clockwork Orange") to his turn as the villainous Dr. Tolian Soran in "Star Trek: Generations". He gave his thoughts on what it meant to be the one who "killed an American icon" in the character of Captain Kirk...and what it meant to him to take on the mantle of the legendary Dr. Samuel Loomis in "Halloween". As far as any hesitancy regarding embodying the classic role of Michael Myers' Doctor/arch-nemesis, McDowell said there wasn't any on his part. Apparently, McDowell had never seen the original "Halloween" and when Zombie asked him to play the role, he asked the rocker-turned-director if he recommended a viewing of the horror classic. McDowell said Zombie responded by saying that wasn't necessary and that he should just make the role his own and bring what he could to it. So, McDowell said he turned his attention to the idea of realism for the part; (paraphrasing) "If Michael Myers is my 'star' patient...and then he goes off and slaughters a whole town full of people...then I surely must be the worst f*cking doctor on Earth!" He went on to say that in his mind Loomis was an absolute failure as a doctor and that he was only using his status as Myers' Doc basically as a pulpit from which to gain fame and notoriety, that for Loomis it was all about book deals, publicity, and fame. Definitely a different approach than Pleasence's... Regarding "H2"; when the host of the event told McDowell he thought he did an amazing job of stepping into the role of Loomis and that he couldn't picture anyone else taking up the role besides him after the performance he gave in the first film, McDowell thanked him and told him "maybe you ought to tell that to the Weinsteins! We're in the middle of negotiating right now!" He then riffed on the notorious hard-bargaining of the Weinstein Brothers, "Those f*ckers!" He then chuckled and said he was, of course, kidding and said that Zombie, whom he called an "amazing director" (he said this twice during the event), wanted him back...even though McDowell himself thought Loomis must surely be dead...and that the Weinsteins are probably wishing Loomis WAS dead. The host prodded McDowell for plot details but McDowell insisted he had none to give, "I haven't read the script yet". He said all he knew was that the story supposedly takes place two months after the finale of the first film. He continued by saying Loomis won't be doing any chasing down of Myers, adding that pursuit will be left up to the "notorious Sheriff" and that Loomis' character "is in the middle of a book-tour." Don't know if any of this is NEW information for everyone, just thought I would report what McDowell had to say. The quotes are as close as posible to what I can remember, and when I wasn't sure, I just tried to paraphrase what he said. McDowell did sound eager to return to the fold...but only time (and money) will tell if "H2" sees the return of McDowell to the role. If you use this, please call me "Terrence Bernardi".

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