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Hey folks, Harry here... ASTRO BOY is about as cool an anime as they get. I've known of him pretty much my entire life, due to my father's undying love of all things robotic, and an evil teenage boarder that lived at my house as a boy, that loved ASTRO and then ripped us off for a fortune in collectibles. But his evil did not ebb our love for this robotic PINNOCHIO that could do a whole lot more than sing about a lack of strings. This weekend, specificially on Saturday at 4pm, at the New York Comic Con... which curiously is in New York, Summit Entertainment, them blokes that made that fabulous vampire film about fabulous vampires, are having a big presentation where they're going to be dishing on their latest films. Stuff like Alex Proyas' KNOWING, Kathryn Bigelow's THE HURT LOCKER and lastly - and for me, the most exciting... They'll be debuting the following two images and an entire sequence from the film. (ENVY!) I'm hoping by posting these images early, that some of you - that will be there... will give us the low down on what they show! Cuz curious minds like mine, gotsta know. The first image is of Astro Boy soaring through the gargantuan METRO CITY. This is a publicity shot, taken from the actual film - you'll never see Astro this clearly in the final film as he is hauling ass to go do something here. I saw a pre-release image of the one below, which had him in all his motion blur blurriness and it looks like he's moving out there. Yet doesn't have him as clearly pretty as you see now! [Click to make bigger]

The second image is of Astro Boy's nemesis, PEACEKEEPER. If you're not familiar with ASTRO BOY, this means nothing to you. However, if you are an astromaniac, you know that Peacekeeper is a baddie that absorbs other machines and turns their energy and powers against our little metal laddie. [Click to make bigger also]

Now you folks seeing this footage, don't forget to write in. I look forward to it!!!

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