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BLACK HAWK DOWN scribe to take the reigns on Jake Gyllenhaal's Untitled Moon-based Sci-Fi flick!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. So this sci-fi flick, as yet untitled, has been circling for a bit with Jake Gyllenhaal attached. Doug Liman is directing and co-wrote the original draft with I LOVE YOU, MAN's John Hamburg for Paramount. Now Ken Nolan, who scripted BLACK HAWK DOWN and the in-development-hell ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK remake, is taking a stab at the material. Hollywood Reporter has the story. The only thing I know about the flick is that it's an action film about lunar colonization. I'm sure it'll be big budget spectacle entertainment, but hopefully Nolan can bring some of the character-driven tension over from his BLACK HAWK DOWN work. What do you folks think?

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