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A flick about the life of Judy Garland in the works! The Weinsteins GET HAPPY!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Looks like the Weinsteins want to get into the Judy Garland business. They've optioned a book called GET HAPPY: THE LIFE OF JUDY GARLAND written by Gerald Clarke, whose Truman Capote biography was optioned and turned into CAPOTE a few years back. Variety has the story! That was a solid movie and I have no doubt that Garland's notorious high ups and low downs life will make for an incredible vehicle for an actress. I'm wondering if this trend will continue. There's already a Steve McQueen biopic in the works. I wonder how many vintage stars' life will be retold if one of these movies gets made and does well, either with Awards or hits big at the Box Office. Now the casting ideas begin. Who could play Judy Garland? I'd insist the actress can sing in that gorgeous baritone that Garland hit. I'm drawing a blank trying to think of someone known. Who could be youthfully innocent, but also play the older, haunted Garland? Thoughts?

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