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Behind The Scenes Of AMC's Remake Of THE PRISONER!!

Merrick here...
AMC has been posting a lot of material from the currently-in-production remake of THE PRISONER. This time around, James Caviezel stars at Number Six (the role originated by Patrick McGoohan) and Sir Ian McKellen is Number Two. One of my favorite/under-appreciated actors, Lennie James, will appear as 147 (Lennie was recently seen as the badass CIA operative-gone-native in the CBS series JERICHO). The overall arc of the original series' 17 episodes is being distilled into a miniseries format. Here's an embed of a recently posted video from the shoot, which offers (among other things) our first hint that some level of retro production design may be afoot for certain elements of the miniseries.
If you go HERE & look to the right of the screen, you'll find a menu offering more behind-the-scenes material from the project. There's also a running blog of the miniseries' production, which can be found HERE. You can find streaming (and free) video of the entire 1967 progenitor series HERE, and THIS LINK will carry you to AMC's official site for the new show. "Working with Gandalf and Jesus...then I showed up..." That's pretty funny.

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