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Who's playing the 'evil Vice-President' in JUMANJI 2'

Before I get to the 'Evil Vice President Snyder', let me give you a quick lowdown on JUMANJI II.

First up, it seems this won't really be a 'sequel' to the first JUMANJI so much as simply a continuation of the premise. You see this time John Cooper....the President of the United States buys the game from some old antique store in Europe (if I remember), brings it home (to the White House) and decides to play the game with his children, one of whome, Butch, just wants a Dad not a President for a father. Well, wouldn't you know it, the Prez gets sucked into the game and the world is left in the evil power hungry and larcenous perverted worm of a Vice President....

Steve Buscemi. Maaaaaaan. Personally now I'm a bit intrigued to see this film. If for nothing else... the chance to see Steve Buscemi play an evil wormy Vice President. He seizes power for a year... Now who knows what sort of evils can take place when Steve Buscemi is in the Oval Office, ahem... perhaps Chloe Sevigny or Reese Witherspoon could play his aide.

Well, after a year, the President comes flying out of the game with all the hell of Jumanji unleased into the world of Capitol Hill. Yeah... Well I know I know.... "Who wants to see this shit?" Well, I have faith in Ken Ralston, this time he's the director instead of just the Effects genius. I just hope he doesn't fall into the trap that Mark Dippe' fell into with SPAWN. You have to pay attention to the.... SCRIPT and the ACTING. Personally though... I'm looking forward to Ralston's follow up project, MYSTERIOUS ISLAND more!

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