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Marketsaw has another AVATAR scoop! New image of a Navi!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Marketsaw, the 3-D obsessed site, has a good, good source that leaks them AVATAR stuff. They've gotten set pics and info pretty consistently for the last few months and now they've got another, a look at a Navi, one of the aliens from James Cameron's AVATAR. I've checked with a few of my own sources who claim that the image is indeed legit, but looks like a rough computer model, not too far removed from the raw mo-cap... hardly the final the render, with only simple lighting. Also, as you can see in the image below... it's naked. They will be clothed in the film. Be sure to click on the blurry leaked photo below to head back to Marketsaw and read their story.

Keep in mind that's a very rough, blurry leak... might even be in 3-D... it has a little bit of ghosting going on, doesn't it? But it's an idea of a step in the process and the overall feel Cameron is going for. What do you folks think?

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