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UPDATED: Full Teaser Online Now!!! 1st Glimpse of GI JOE Action!

Beaks here... has just posted the entire Super Bowl spot, and, in answer to Harry's question, it looks like the tone is "typical Stephen Sommers": big, loud and kinda corny. That bothered me in VAN HELSING, but with G.I. JOE... "typical Stephen Sommers" could be just what this material needs. The disintegrating Eiffel Tower reminds me of something we'd see in the cartoon. I think that's a good thing?

Hey folks, Harry here... Some lightning quick glimpses of some of the G.I. JOE insanity that Sommers is planning to unleash this summer. Slick looking. That 'armored' stuff, is the power armor that the Joe's put on in a chase sequence that if Sommers has done his job right, will be quite something. I'm still waiting to get a glimpse of the tone of this film, to see if Sommers is directing it with a wink or with a sack. This is all pretty heavy action orientated material - completely out of context, but looking big. What do you think? This is the link, and knowing is half the battle!

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