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EXCLUSIVE!!! I know this looks like a picture of me as a little boy, but it is actually CHAKA!!! From LAND OF THE LOST!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... Man oh man. There's a part of me that really and truly hates that I'm flying off to Berlin in the morning to watch Nazis murdered on the set of INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS (OK, that ain't true) - but I am missing the Super Bowl for the very first time in my entire life... which I didn't realize was a very big deal till... I realized I wasn't going to be watching it. Meaning... no Super Bowl Commercials... No hilariously over-produced half-time show... No BBQ and BEER... Tragedy. And most of all, no getting to sit down and write up the various spots for movies as they happen, which I've done with y'all for the last 12 years. So, when I got an email earlier this week from Brad Silberling, asking me if I'd like to debut the first image of CHAKA from LAND OF THE LOST before you saw him moving in the LAND OF THE LOST TV Spot on the Super Bowl - and the little boy buried in my chest screamed "YES!!!!!!!" LAND OF THE LOST was awesome to grow up with. That lil Philip Paley that played CHA-KA flipped me out as a boy. He was a lil bigfoot to me. And a fur covered boy was something that somehow appealed to my miniature mind at the time. This time, Chaka is played by the SNL talent, Jorma Taccone... and looking everybit as a Chaka should. Here's what Brad emailed me:

So here, then, a glimpse of our friend who's certainly not challenged in the follicle departement. Can't wait for everyone to see Jorma's performance. It's time for some Pakuni love in this world again...

Here's Chaka, whom you can clicky to get biggy!

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