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The RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN Super Bowl Spot Is Now Online!! + A Note About Other Super Bowl Movie Trailer Sightings!!

Merrick here...
MTV has unveiled the RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN Super Bowl spot. It's similar in nature/material to the trailer previously seen HERE. The new spot originates HERE, although you can check it out via embed below:

I sure like Dwayne Johnson. Although I'd like to see him in more RUNDOWNish roles, I hope RACE works out for him. It's looking far better than it initially sounded. We'll be making every effort to round up all the (hopefully) bad ass movie trailers that should show up during this Sunday's Super Bowl broadcast. Some of these trailer may appear on the Net at (roughly) the same time they're broadcast - officially or otherwise. Some may leak in advance of the broadcast. If you come across any online posts of Super Bowl trailers before, during, or after the Super Bowl...


...and we'll share them with the world. Among the many trailers headed our way? STAR TREK (possibly/probably with new material?), our first looks at TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN and G.I. JOE, and much more. Even if you locate a trailer that's not one of the big/"cool" titles, go ahead and let us know about it. Won't hurt to be thorough. Have fun! Here's a glimpse of the new TREK trailer:

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