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Warner Bros. Excavating TOMB RAIDER For Reboot!! Has Rhona Mitra’s Time Come At Last??

I am – Hercules!!
The Hollywood Reporter indicates that Warner Bros., which acquired the rights to “Tomb Raider” and its comely protagonist Lara Croft after Paramount allowed its rights to the properties to lapse, is mounting a reboot of the franchise. No writer’s attached yet, so I’m not sure whether to feel sad or not, but I’m leaning in a saddish direction. I found little of merit in the two Paramount movies, which struck me as bland dishes of reheated “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” Better-budgeted, distaff editons of “Jake Speed” or “High Road to China,” if you will. It doesn't sound like Angelina Jolie, now nominated for a fancy lead-actress Oscar, is being pursued to reprise Lara.

Rising action star Rhona Mitra ("Doomsday," "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans"), who served as the inspiration for Lara while the original “Tomb Raider” game was being devised, wasn’t deemed a marketable enough star to play Lara nine years ago – but perhaps this has changed? Read all of The Hollywood Reporter’s story on the matter here.

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