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THE A-TEAM Resurrected Again, This Time As A Joe Carnahan Film!

Beaks here...

Guess I can't ignore THE A-TEAM movie anymore. The Hollywood Reporter is a-reportin' that Joe Carnahan is closing in on a deal to direct the big screen transfer of the 1980s most inexplicably beloved television show - with Ridley and Tony Scott serving as producers (John Singleton vacated the project last year). Here's hoping for Joe's sake that this fucker doesn't go heartbreakingly south like WHITE JAZZ and KILLING PABLO. Carnahan's the goods. And while I haven't been a huge fan of the source material since I stopped reading Mack Bolan books, I'll take Carnahan on a goddamn AIRWOLF movie over Singleton directing anything at this point. If you're looking for a dark, sinister cloud lurking on the horizon, here it is: THE A-TEAM is set up at Fox. And while you might be tempted to think that the Scotts could run interference for Carnahan on this thing, just remember what happened to the theatrical cut of KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. There are no guarantees. But Fox has set a release date of June 11, 2010 release date for THE A-TEAM, so expect this plan to come together fairly quickly. The screenplay is currently credited to Skip Woods (SWORDFISH, HITMAN).

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