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Moriarty's Sundance Pillow Talk Wrong... Stephen Chow is still on GREEN HORNET & it ain't dead yet!

Hey folks, Harry here... There's a strange world that occurs up in the frozen wilds of Sundance. Amid all the black leather and Blackberries - the very non-LA weather creates a crotchety bitch fest, where rumors start spiraling like snowflakes in the air. The big one this year was that GREEN HORNET was swatted. My sources around Stephen Chow say, not so fast Moriarty! Sure, the evil professor may have a new assumed identity, but he's still out to thwart Good and the powers of truth and justice... even under his new alias of Drew McWeeny. It seems Stephen Chow is still attached and moving forward on GREEN HORNET. Meanwhile, long time Asian Film site, MonkeyPeaches which has provided AICN with an awesome array of Asian Film scoops in the past is reporting that Stephen Chow's next foreign film is called JOURNEY TO THE WEST! How do you respond... Mo... I mean, DREW MCWEENY? IF THAT'S YOUR NAME?!?!? Will you be man enough to admit how you're just an evil doddering ol frigid fool for listening to the Sundance Bitching? Hmmm? I will be watching to see if you do any significant follow up!

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