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THE GREEN HORNET Hits A Red Light At Sony...

Beaks here...

We were thrilled when Stephen Chow was announced as the director/co-star of THE GREEN HORNET. We were dismayed when he opted out of directing. And so we are indifferent upon learning that THE GREEN HORNET has been placed on "life support" at Sony. This latest, not-entirely-unexpected news comes from HitFix's Scooter McWeeny, who's been told by a source "close to the production" that the film will most likely not shoot in 2009. Why? No clue. When the studio cited "creative differences" as the reason for Chow leaving the director's chair last December, I was a little surprised that the project wasn't scuttled then and there. It seemed strange that Chow would want to stick around and play Kato under someone else's direction. Should Sony ultimately pull the plug, this will be the third failed development of THE GREEN HORNET in the last fifteen years (the first being Michel Gondry's take in the late '90s, the second being Kevin Smith's go at the property in 2004).

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