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New Dave Gibbons WATCHMEN Art?!?! You better bet we got it!

Hey folks, Harry here... I don't usually plug "Art of.." books, but well... I, like many of you, are geeking pretty damn hardcore over the impending WATCHMEN movie. Hell, tonight I was over at the WATCHMEN website watching all the individual profile pages and listening to their individual soundtracks and watching the images. I've got it bad. Just wait till you see Cartuna's animation... When you see my glowy blue balls wagging up there in the corner... you'll geek too. Well, you'll do something. Anyway - some publicity company asked me if I was interested in debuting original Dave Gibbons WATCHMEN Art, that ain't been seen by the eyes of man (other than publishers, studio folks, and hundreds of people that haven't even whispered about this to us. Here's what they said the text for these images should be:

‘After filming had been completed, Dave Gibbons drew new illustrations of some key shots from the film, for marketing and licensing purposes. (Colors again by John Higgins)’

Here ya go... - Clicking on the first two pieces bring you bigger versions of the art, on the book cover, it takes you to Amazon where you can pre-order the book for $26.40...

Ain't that cool? In addition to these pieces, there's more Gibbons, and even more story boards, conceptual art, costume designs, etc... Check it out if you want!

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