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WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN Arrived On NickToons Friday!!

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It’s been a year since Marvel Girl and Professor X disappeared in an explosion at the Xavier Institute. Mutants are now forced to register with the government, and the angrier mutants are turning terrorist. And Wolverine finds himself thrust into the unlikely role of team leader. So begins the new, continuity intensive X-Men series premiering tonight on Nicktoons. It sounds like my kind of X-Men cartoon: Toonzone says:
… cherry-picks from the best elements of the two previous cartoon series, the live-action movies, and decades of comic books to ensure that the show feels familiar, but it also wants to strike out in different directions from all those earlier X-Men stories. It is much darker and more mature than the previous two X-Men cartoons, but not so much as to make the show unacceptable for the pre-teen to teen demographic.…
The Los Angeles Times says:
… it's good to see a cartoon that remembers what cartoons are supposed to do. Zap, slime and blow things up. It's almost heartwarming to see feature characters who speak in short declarative sentences that you can usually predict two beats beforehand, and who generally save the world. Unlike most cartoons on today, "Wolverine and the X-Men" does not involve children, which means that the annoying smart-mouth answers are kept to a bare minimum. Likewise, there are no talking animals (well, unless you count the more fauna-esque mutants), very little sarcasm and virtually no highfalutin dissection of pop culture. The term "crabby patty" is never uttered.
Variety says:
… Comics fans will appreciate the serious tone, and kids will enjoy the plentiful action; still, the program pales next to the Saturday-morning version that Fox carried in the early 1990s, with uneven animation and a messy narrative that could use a bit of Wolverine-style slicing and dicing. …
The X-Men’s first animated appearance in 1966: The start of the 1992 series: The start of the 2000 series: 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT. Friday. Nicktoons. Watch full episodes of Wolverine and The X-Men online anytime on Nicktoons Network.

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