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Some info has come in regarding the Woody Harrelson horror-comedy ZOMBIELAND!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. It's been a big day for ZOMBIELAND here at AICN. First we get a report from an extra detailing what to expect from the film and then Variety announces a couple cast members joining the film. The husky voiced vixen from SUPERBAD and THE ROCKER, Emma Stone, has joined Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg, who apparently has a thing for amusement parks. If I was attending Sundance this year high on my list would be ADVENTURELAND, starring Eisenberg as well. And directed by Greg Mottola who directed SUPERBAD starring... Emma Stone! I just blew your mind, didn't I? Anyway, ZOMBIELAND is a post-apocalyptic zombie flick set in and around an amusement park. We have a rundown from someone who auditioned to be an extra in the film in order to fulfill a life-long dream of being a movie-zombie. Here's their info:
Hey Harry- I've been coming to your site for years but have never sent anything in, as I'm in south Georgia, and, well, not a lot of movies get made here. Last night, this changed. I have a brief list of things I must do before I die. Dine with Dario Argento. Cure herpes. Swim with white pointers off of South Africa (sans cage). The usual. Then, somewhere around 8, is "Be a zombie extra in a film". Last night, in Valdosta Georgia, an open casting call for zombie extras was announced. ZOMBIELAND is a film (zombedy) soon to be filmed here, staring Woody Harrelson. If you haven't heard of it, I wouldn't be surprised. I'm a zed aficionado (never mind fluffing my resume, just say I can't wait for WORLD WAR Z), and the first whiff I had of it was a week ago when my buddy said a construction crew with Sony films was staying at his hotel, building a "haunted house". More on that in a bit. Woody will supposedly play the "most frightened guy on Earth" in the middle of a Z apocalypse. It is being directed by first timer Ruben Fleischer, who directed a few episodes of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Whoopty-fuck. Anyways, my lady and I showed up at the auditions, which were being held at a local radio station, and waited in line for a few hours. It was a huge party, like a Phish lot or some shit. Valdosta is a college town, and lots of youngsters showed up. The crew was not expecting such a turnout, some 600 strong. A casting agent told me she hoped they could glean around 200 zombies. So, here's the sheet they gave us, supposedly written by Fleischer: "Our Zombies are ferocious, infected people that move erratically. They are diseased, as opposed to undead. These are not the lumbering walking dead of Romero's zombie movies, but instead the super jacked up 28 Days Later / Dawn of the Dead (2004) zombies. They are scary and gnarly and gross. They have the abilities of amped up versions of people, similar to when your child is trapped under a car and you lift the car off of them. I see them moving somewhat similar to velociraptors, always alert, sniffing the air for prey, and when they strike, they strike fast and furious. Their movement should be somewhat unnatural, to indicate that they are not human, and because the disease is coursing through their veins, a certain level of jerkiness and a crazed look will reflect their nature like a rabid dog." Ahem. I didn't agree with it either, but what's the true definition of Zombie? The casting girl told us outside that drool was welcome in the audition. Everyone was cussing themselves for not bringing Alka Seltzer. The she came out and told us to not be too animated because someone punched a hole in the wall thrashing about during their audition. I just went in and scared the shit out of them. So later, we went to the bar next to my buddy's hotel for a nip, and the construction guys were there, so I pried them for info. They said they were building a "haunted house" facade. In the movie it's a nursing home converted into a twisted zombie museum/thrill ride. Oh yeah, and they were building it next to an amusement park we have here, full of roller coasters and safari-type animals. I'm guessing the climax of the movie will take place there, as it's closed for the season. They start shooting on the 9th of February. Take it for what it's worth, just happy to contribute. If you use this, you can call me Suspiran. Thanks man.
So now you know a lot more than you did before clicking on this link, don't you? Very curious about this one. I can see Harrelson playing jumpy and nervous in this zombie-infested world creating some good moments. Hopefully the script and the rest all come together.

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