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SUPERNATURAL & REAPER Fans!! TV Guide Drops CW From Listings!! Makes Room For Ion, MyNet, Discovery Health & QVC!!

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Those who have been hoping that MTV would just go away have gotten the next best thing. TV Guide Magazine, the zillions-in-debt periodical recently purchased by the private equity firm OpenGate for one dollar, has dropped MTV, home of “The Real World” and “The Hills,” from its grids. Also dropped from the magazine’s listings? The CW. Home of “Smallville,” “Supernatural” and “Reaper,” to say nothing of “Gossip Girl.” MyNetworkTV is still on the grid. So is QVC. (Hey, “White Mountain Footwear” is on tomorrow night!) So are channels I would guess are less popular than The CW, like Ion, Discovery Health, FitTV, Fox Reality, GSN and ESPN Classic. It’s like something out of “The Producers”! The new owners of the magazine seem determined to run it aground in hopes of getting a tax write-off or something! It’s as if they’re determined to convince us America doesn’t need TV Guide anymore! This story was not manufactured by The Onion. I subscribe to the print edition, and MTV and The CW are indeed gone. "There are now hundreds of channels on television and we can only accommodate approximately 70 in our primetime grids," supergenius TV Guide president/CEO Scott Crystal told the Philadelphia Inquirer. Variety was unable to reach TV Guide (presumably to raise the question of a smaller typeface), but you can find Variety’s story on the matter here.

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