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Kevin Williamson And Wes Craven Reuniting For SCREAM 4?

Beaks here...

Ready for more self-referential horror? No? Are you quite sure about that? 'Cuz Dimension Films sure thinks you are. Bloody Disgusting's Brad Miska is reporting that Kevin Williamson has been hired to bang out a draft for SCREAM 4. According to Miska's source (who's evidently very well placed), this might potentially turn into a shooting draft. From there, it seems possible that Wes Craven could be persuaded to come back to direct. Why? I'm told he's a big fan of the money. Though this fourth SCREAM film will skew young (i.e. to the same teen-to-twentysomething audience that made the first one a hit), there are reportedly offers out to Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette for cameos. Seeing as how I can't remember a fucking thing that happened in the third movie, I am 100% stoked for this. Here's hoping Dimension immediately follows this up with a reboot of the SCARY MOVIE franchise and a new Prinze/Lillard comedy scored by Chumbawamba.

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