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LA Readers! AICN's Giving Away Tix For The New Beverly's Festival Of Swords And Sorcery! Ride With Prince Talon! Soar With Yor!

Beaks here...

While many of my fellow Los Angelenos are preparing for ten straight days of quiet, sensitive, integrity-ridden independent cinema up in Park City, I'm getting psyched for ten straight hours of loud, boorish, boob-laden sword-and-sorcery flicks at The New Beverly on January 17th. And if you live in L.A., I'd like you to join me. I mean, how can you say no to blowing a football-less Saturday on these five masterworks from the 1980s: BARBARIAN QUEEN (starring the late Lana Clarkson!) THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER (Horsley! MacCorkindale! Pyun!) CONAN THE BARBARIAN (What is best in life?) DEATHSTALKER II (Wynorski!) ...and at midnight... YOR, THE HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE (Big Reb!) Most of these movies are hard to find on DVD and are rarely, if ever, screened, so if this is your type of thing, you really need to be clearing your schedule and donning your loincloth. The Festival of Swords and Sorcery begins on January 17th at 4 PM and should be getting out sometime around 2 AM Sunday morning. Admission will be a very reasonable $10, but twenty of you will be attending free of charge thanks to the generous Phil Blankenship. All you have to do is send me an email (subject header: "Crom") with your full name and the title of your favorite Jim Wynorski movie (other than DEATHSTALKER II).Deadline for entries will be Noon PST on Friday, January 16th. I will select the winners randomly. On the fence? Here are some trailers to whet the ol' bloodlust. THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER

See you there...

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