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NINJA ASSASSIN looks like it'll be ninja action by the tons!

Hey folks, Harry here - a Facebook friend named David had the following up on his Facebook page from YouTube and I'll be damned if I've seen it before. It's basically 5+ minutes of Training and Stunt Choreography for the next Wachowski produced James McTeague flick called NINJA ASSASSIN... which sounds like a movie I'd want to see. I've yet to figure out why I should hate Rain yet, other than when he beat Colbert in a dance dance revolution challenge... But I'm still convinced he new the programmer and made the most badass dancer lose by default. Thus dooming Colbert. But in the below footage, I have to say... He looks real fucking good doing some really insane moves. Same as the other stunt folk. The other thing that you can take from this footage is that it looks like they were practicing for long, Bruce Lee style tracking shots of massive sword fu chopping and kung fu. Beautiful work in the training phase, unless it gets all chopped to fuck in editing. Let's hope not. Anyway - check this out. Very cool.... back to my DVD column I go...

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