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Wolverine shouts HAPPY NEW YEAR from the Bath Tub! Check exclusive high-res still here!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with an exclusive flick from the upcoming Wolverine flick, courtesy of the folks over at Entertainment Weekly (specifically the lovely Esther Chan) who have compiled their most anticipated of 2009 issue, which hits news stands tomorrow, I believe. I'm finding it difficult to get excited for this movie, even though I love Hugh Jackman as Logan. Even in Ratner's limp and fatally flawed X3 Jackman was good as Wolverine. This movie has been plagued by trouble. We've had reports of set troubles, huge rows between Gavin Hood and the studio and even reports of Hood being replaced for extended periods of shooting. These rumors have been roundly denied by the studio and producers, but are they going to say? "Yes, this $100 million tent pole movie is in trouble." I don't think so. If it was one isolated report or rumor then we could ignore it as bullshit, but there have been many off-the-record reports from people working in, on and around the production. Make no mistake, whatever the end result is WOLVERINE was a very troubled production. I missed the trailer premiere at Comic-Con for an interview, but I did track it down online... maybe you had to be there. I just wasn't blown away and I'm still hoping the official release trailer knocks my socks off, but after hearing first-hand reports on how Rothman views the fanbase, comments he made during the production of X3, I can tell you if it is good it'll be a lucky fluke. The dude doesn't give two-fucks about us (the exact quote from Rothman when confronted about a decision that would upset the fans was "Fuck the fans. We already have their money.") and if he doesn't give a fuck about the people that drive the buzz and excitement for a popular property, why would he care about the quality of the content? So, all that is to say... I don't know about the movie, but I hope Jackman can save it on pure charisma and enthusiasm alone. I do like the below picture, just wish it was for a movie I could have more faith in. Click for the high-res version!

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