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CRANK 2: HIGH VOLTAGE Teaser Is Fast, Cheap And Out Of Control!!!

Beaks here...

It's also going to re-size your browser and blister your grandmother's eardrums, so, for god's sake, don't play this thing in mixed company.

Click here for the hand-held, digitally shot mayhem.

And do it soon, because I don't know if this is an official leak. Actually, I'm pretty sure this is the footage procured by's Robert Sanchez for this year's "Masters of the Web" panel at Comic Con. I think I like the no-frills look of the thing. I know I don't like the stale CHAPPELLE'S SHOW reference. Either way, it's wonderfully excessive. And it's still set for release on April 19, 2009. Bring it! And Mike Patton's scoring this fucker!?!? 2009 is already laying the lumber to 2008!

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