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Proponents of the doomed HD-DVD format have had access to the big-screen sequel to “Firefly” on HD for some time now, but the further adventures of Inara Serra, Kaylee Frye, Jayne Cobb and the River Tam finally hit Blu-ray today. It includes loads of extras, including three debuting on this edition:
* Alliance Database - Includes dossiers on all of the Firefly crew, profiles on planets, various historical entries, vehicle references and details on the reavers. * U Control - This is broken down into four sections: Mr. Universe Compendium, Digital Tour of Serenity, Picture in Picture and Visual Commentary. It appears these are all interactive features instead of simple menu items. * BD Live: My Scenes Sharing - It's part of the new BD Live set of features and is supposed to let you share your favorite scenes of the movie with your friends.

Herc’s Popular Pricing Pantry
There are a handful of new season-set titles this week, but nothing as compelling as the post-Christmas pricing on some older season sets.

The Post-Christmas 50% Sale has season 11 of “The Simpsons” down to $14.99!! (70% Off!!)

The first 10 seasons of “The Simpsons” are also momentarily down to $14.99!! (63% Off!!)

Seinfeld, Shield, Rescue Me and Damages can be $17.50 per season if you’re willing to exploit the Sony 2-For-1 Sale.

Season four of “The Office” is $17.99!! (64% Off!!) Season three is $19.99!! (60% Off!!)

Before Christmas a season of “Veronica Mars” sold for $44.99. This week each is $19.99!! (67% Off!!)

Last week a season of “24” went for $39.99 or more. Right now four of the six seasons are $19.99!!

“Wonderfalls,” from the guy who created “Dead Like Me” and “Pushing Daisies,” is down to $19.99!!

You can now pick up the HD Blu-ray version of “Mad Men’s” first season for less than the DVD version: $24.99!! (50% Off!!)

All seven seasons of “The West Wing” are, for the moment, $19.99-$21.49 each!! (64% Off!!) (If you want or need all seven seasons, you can currently pick up the complete series set for $149.99, which works out to less than $21.43/season.)

If you want or need all nine seasons, you can currently pick up the complete series set for $175.99, which also works out to less than $19.56/season!!

Do Bees Be? The first three seasons are less than $12.50 each!! (50% Off!!) This series is hilarious and that is a ridiculous price.

“Supernatural” 1.x-3.x last month: $37.99. Today: $19.99!! (67% Off!!)

The superb “From The Earth To The Moon,” which typically goes for $51.99, is down to $19.99!! (67% Off)

A season of “Gilmore Girls” was $26.49. Now the first six are $14.99!! (75% Off!!)

A season of “The Venture Bros.” was $24.99. Now they’re both $12.99!! (57% Off!!)

The first five volumes of the Looney Tunes Golden Collection were each $44.99. Now they’re $25.99!! (60% Off!!)

Three weeks ago a season of “Six Feet Under” was $51.99. Now they’re all $19.99!! Rainn Wilson plays Creepy Arthur!

“Carnivale,” typically $51.99, is momentarily $19.99/Season (60% Off!!)
TV-on-DVD Calendar
Two Weeks Ago Aqua Teen Hunger Force Vol. 6 The A-Team 1.x (Slimset) Crime 360 1.x Gangland 2.x Generation Kill: The Complete Series Ice Road Truckers 2.x Jurassic Fight Club 1.x Mr. Bean: The Ultimate Collection The Mummy: The Animated Series Vol. 1 The Mummy: The Animated Series Vol. 2 The Mummy: The Animated Series Vol. 3 Petticoat Junction 1.x Poor Little Rich Girl: The Complete Series Power Rangers Jungle Fury: Into The Jungle Power Rangers Jungle Fury: Way Of The Master Transformers: Energon Ultimate Collection Will Shakespeare: The Complete Miniseries
This Week

Greek 2.x

Kyle XY 2.x

Nip/Tuck 5.x

Secret Life of an American Teenager 1.x

Serenity (Blu-ray)

10 Items Or Less 1.x/2.x
January 6

Battlestar Galactica 4.1-4.10 Dexter 1.x (Blu-ray) Doctor Who: Four To Doomsday Doctor Who: War Machines Duckman 3.x/4.x Duckman: 4-Season Pack Eon Kid 1.x Vol. 2 The FBI Files 1.x Frisky Dingo 2.x Ghost Hunters: Best Of (Blu-ray) Laredo 2.x Vol. 2 Mannix 2.x

Secret Diary of a Call Girl 1.x Transformers 2.x Tripping The Rift 3.x The Tudors 2.x The Waltons 8.x
January 13 Alvin and The Chipmonks: The Chipettes Alvin And The Chipmunks: A Chipmunk Valentine Benny Hill: Best Of Ben 10: Alien Force 1.x Vol. 2 Captains and the Kings Dallas 10.x The Henry James Collection House of Payne Vol. 3 Little Britain USA 1.x The Lost Gods Lovejoy 4.x Make 'Em Laugh: The Complete Miniseries Man Vs. Wild 2.x Matlock 2.x Nature Tech Reba 5.x Saxondale 1.x/2.x Skins Vol. 1 Stargate: The Ark of Truth (Blu-ray) SuperSwank 1.x 10 Items Or Less 1.x/2.x Tess of D'Urbervilles: The Complete Miniseries (2008) 'Til Death 2.x Voltron: Vol. 7 Walker: Texas Ranger 6.x When Weather Changed History When Weather Changed History (Blu-ray)
January 20 The American Future: A History Back At The Barnyard: Cowman Children of the Stones: The Complete Miniseries Criss Angel Mindfreak 4.x Emergency 5.x George Wallace: The Complete Miniseries Jonathan Creek 3.x The Last Detective: The Complete Series Little House on the Prairie: Country School Little House on the Prairie: Prairie Friends MGM: When The Lion Roars MI-5 Vol. 6 MonsterQuest 2.x Moonlight: The Complete Series My Three Sons 1.x Vol. 2 Paranormal State 2.x Powerpuff Girls: The Complete Series The Rockford Files 6.x This American Life 2.x Waking The Dead 3.x
January 27

All-New SuperFriends 1.x Vol. 2 America's Dumbest Criminals The Beiderbecke Affair Blossom 1.x/2.x Cheers 11.x The Girls Next Door 4.x The Girls Next Door 1.x-4.x

Invaders 2.x The Love Boat 2.x Vol. 1

MANTIS: The Complete Series Meerkat Manor 4.x

Pink Panther Classic Cartoon Collection Scooby-Doo Where Are You? 1.x Vol. 1 SpongeBob SquarePants: Spongicus Teddy Ruxpin: Come Dream With Me - Complete Series You're a Good Sport, Charlie Brown
February 3 Afro Samurai II: Resurrection Afro Samurai II: Resurrection (SE) Afro Samurai II: Resurrection (Blu-ray) Becker 2.x Bewitche
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