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PINEAPPLE EXPRESS Blu-Ray Prize Pack Give-Away!

Hey folks, Harry here... I love PINEAPPLE EXPRESS - contrary to popular opinion I'm not a big pot head. I rarely ever partake, I find pot just makes me lazier than I already am - and I can't really afford the munchies with my lifestyle change. I love this film because of the awesome relationship between Seth Rogen and James Franco - and I love what David Gordon Green did in taking what could have been a straight to DVD subject matter, and instead turned in a film that had the nerve and the balls of a great 70's flick like GRAVY TRAIN (aka DION BROTHERS) or FREEBIE & THE BEAN or MOTHER, JUGGS & SPEED or HICKEY AND BOGGS... and that's a type of film that I love and is the ideal ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE cult hit! I got contacted, as I often do, to do a giveaway for the Blu Ray release and here's what you get...
1 Pot Plant 1 Air Freshener 1 Hemp Shirt 1 BR Disc

I'm pretty sure that the Pot Plant is not actually pot, but a potted plant of the legal variety. And the Hemp shirt - I know nothing about. But hey the key here is getting a free Blu Ray of PINEAPPLE EXPRESS. So here's the deal... By midnight (central time) send a photo of YOU & your handmade geek orientated bong to HK at AintItCool.Com with the subject line - "I want that PINEAPPLE EXPRESS Blu-Ray THIS MUCH!" Tomorrow I'll choose a winner and hopefully you'll get your prize pack before PINEAPPLE EXPRESS streets in a week, but no promises on that. AICN isn't handling shipping, the studio is. That reminds me, you'll need to also send your shipping info so I can pass it along for your loot! Harry

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