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That new Street Fighter movie has a Japanese trailer for you to uppercut! Hyuken! Hyuken!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. We got this message in about the new Street Fighter trailer... I made sure to rush over to the link and check it out... And it looks surprisingly not super shitty, but I couldn't spot CGI Raul Julia. Maybe they're saving him for the full trailer... The production value is much better than I expected and who knows? Could be fun, right? Below is the email we got with the link. Check it out!

Harry, I realize I'm one of maybe five people actually looking forward to this flick, but after FINALLY seeing some moving footage from this thing, I can at least comfortably say it doesn't look nearly as stupefyingly bad as Dragonball. See it in Japanese and in tiny Flash format at: Call me... Shok Xone Studios

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