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Awesome looking animated sci-fi flick 9 finally gets a trailer, just in time for Christmas!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Merry Christmas indeed! Look at what Apple has given us unworthy humans! The first trailer for the feature version of Shane Acker's awesome CG Animated short film 9, in Glorious Quicktime no less. CHECK OUT THE TRAILER HERE!!! I love the opening of the trailer, which has a very depressing and SECRET OF NIMH-ish vibe, doesn't it? Plus look at that voice cast! Christopher Plummer! Martin Landau! Crispin Glover!!! Shane Acker's short really struck me when I saw it... what? Three or four years ago? And I've been curious to see what he does with the feature, how much Tim Burton's influence on the project would be, etc. But it seems like Acker's vision is intact. I am dying to see the full movie... I guess I have nine months to wait... Here's the original Oscar nominated short if you haven't seen it:

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