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Paul Dini dreams of a Fleischer SUPERMAN style INDIANA JONES animated series! Now, so do we!

Hey folks, Harry here... not with news, not with rumors, but with dreams. Paul Dini's dreams. Over at TheRaider.Net they transcribed an interview done with their Star Wars big brother, that had a little aside by Paul Dini, who dreams of heading up an Animated INDIANA JONES series in the style of the old school Max Fleischer SUPERMAN cartoons - which were a basis and starting ground for Dini and crew's fantastic work on BATMAN. An incredibly successful series. Just imagine - many of the original SUPERMAN cartoons that Max & Dave made are already Indiana Jones adventures... Like JUNGLE DRUMS & THE ARCTIC GIANT, THE MUMMY STRIKES and THE UNDERGROUND WORLD. The time period is even dead on. You could have Indy vs Belloq on a series of adventures - or Indy vs Nazis or the Japanese... or just the natural dangers inherent to the situations of his job. I know I'd tune in - and most likely buy the toys. What about all of you?

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