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The Real Latest From Christopher Nolan on a 3rd film in his BATMAN series...

Hey folks, Harry here... Ok - it is evident that the entire world wants to know the status of the third BATMAN film by Christopher Nolan. Well, the latest came out in a Dark Knight BD Live chat which is described below - but the big break is... "We learned that Nolan has been exploring the story of a third film with David Goyer. Other than that slip, there was NOTHING in terms of news about a possible third film. " So at this point - Nolan is exploring the 3rd story, but he went on to say that he had a lot of projects on his plate. And Alan Horn told Collider where Alan told Steve that basically the project was in Nolan's hands and whenever he had his story down, they'd do it. He also told Frosty that he felt GREEN LANTERN would be the next DC / Warner Superhero on screen. Here's the BD LIVE break down from JJ

Hey, I didn't see anything on AICN about the Dark Knight BD Live yet, so I figured I'd chime in. This exclusive event was offered to 100,000 people over BD Live and went down tonight at 6pm. What a waste of time. I must have misread the description of the event, because I figured it'd be like the Favreau/Downey live commentary at the Aero a few months back for "Iron Man." I figured it would be Chris Nolan sitting for two hours to talk to fans about his film. What interests him, what he is proud of, funny stories about this scene, the things that make commentaries worth listening to. Nope. Instead, the BD Live commentary was a chatroom-ish box on the top of the screen. I understand the need for a moderator, since Nolan cant answer a barrage of questions from the 100,000 viewers, but the moderator chose generally stupid and uninteresting questions. For example, when the dog bites Batman at the beginning of the film, someone asked "Did Bale really get bitten by a dog?" Of course, the answer was "no." He was also asked if he likes "Star Wars," which he does. Aren't you glad to know that little tidbit? I'm quite certain that if there is a transcript of the event, interesting material covers no more than a page and a half. Stupid questions aside, there were a few highlights. Someone proposed and is now engaged. Harvey Dent is DEAD. We learned that Nolan has been exploring the story of a third film with David Goyer. Other than that slip, there was NOTHING in terms of news about a possible third film. I cant really remember all of the specific pros of the event, but here are a few that I recall: - the sticky bomb gun is completely fictional - When Gordon is appointed commissioner, Heath Ledger improvised the clapping. - Long hair for the Joker was Ledger's idea. - The flipping truck had teeth in front to dig into the ground and help it flip straight over - The end monologue was written by Nolan late in pre-production, although is was one of the first things conceived. - Nolan has no idea who the five people killed by Two Face are, because when he was asked, he refused to answer, saying something like "I'll answer that one day, but not today." Overall, it was not worth the two and a half hours it lasted. Nolan seemed really uninterested, offering (for the most part) vague and simple answers. He rarely got in-depth about how something was achieved, or what he felt about a certain scene, etc. I was, and still am, very disappointed. For those of you who missed it, don't lose any sleep. It was not a missed opportunity. -JJ
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