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TR2N's DP Talks 3-D, Physicality Over Virtual, And More!!

Merrick here...
Over on BlogTalkRadio, Movie Geeks United (a streaming radio show) has a lengthy interview with cinematographer Claudio Miranda about his work on BENJAMIN BUTTON. Towards the end of his segment, Miranda reveals he's the DP on TR2N, 2RON, T2RON, TRON 2, TRON 2.0, TRZ, TRON 2 (HATERS ZERO), or whatever else it's being called these days. Claudio confirms the film will be shot entirely entirely in 3-D (revealed HERE on AICN yesterday), and says many physical sets are being built. Paraphrasing: this is one of the reasons Miranda took the gig as DP on the film. He was worried that actors would be surrounded by nothing but green screens & "not be able to touch anything", but this isn't the case. Miranda says there's a "reality" to what they want to show with the film, and how they want to make it.

HERE the whole thing!

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