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Bullshit BATMAN rumors that are being generated solely for the purpose of traffic!

Hey folks, Harry here... I'm being inundated with bullshit rumors from sites that are just attempting to pad their numbers with created and made up rumors that would cause spikes in traffic because they surround a new BATMAN film. There is not one shred of reality in any of these rumors. The latest batch has Eddie Murphy as THE RIDDLER and Rachel Weisz as Catwoman and apparently Shia LaBeouf as someone. If ANY OF YOU believe any of this bullshit, you have found some crazy awesome drugs and I would like to have some of what you're having. Here's the latest facts on a sequel to DARK KNIGHT... No talent has a finished contract yet. Specifically, Chris Nolan doesn't have a deal. The word I'm having is that Chris would like to do another project before leaping back into BATMAN - if he decides to do another. We're hearing he may very well do THE PRISONER next - which would mean... no valid BATMAN rumors until much later. There is no story treatment on anybody's desk at Warners. No accepted pitches. No talent beyond Chris Nolan has been approached. Now... would Warners like to be immediately in development on the new caped crusader film with Bale and Nolan? You betcha, but that's why they're giving Nolan the room he needs to come back to the cowl. Personally - I'd like Nolan to jettison Bale and make DARK KNIGHT RETURNS and close out his tenure on BATMAN. Starting the next one... 30 years later - a grizzled roughed up and quasi-Fascist BATMAN and a near police state Gotham... I'd just love. and I'd love to have Mickey Rourke play Bats in it. BUT YOU SEE WHAT I JUST DID. I just made some bullshit up. Some stuff I would just love to have happen. BUT IT HAS NO BASIS IN REALITY. Now in the Talkback below - see if you can make up better BATMAN 3 rumors than the folks at E!, SUN and countless other bullshit sites that are just desperate for hits. BUT whatever you do. PLEASE STOP SENDING US THESE LINKS TO BULLSHIT BATMAN RUMORS - It really is getting ridiculous.

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