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The First Review Of FUTURAMA: INTO THE WILD GREEN YONDER Appears Online!!

Merrick here...
As it has with the previous three straight-to-DVD FUTURAMA titles, Screenjabber has nabbed the first review of the next...and possibly last...installment of the FUTURAMA franchise. It's called FUTURAMA: INTO THE WILD GREEN YONDER. Well, I say it could the last...which it might be I suppose...but there are already whispers of further FUTURAMA hope shines eternal.
Plot-wise, it's very tightly-woven and everything comes together nicely for the climax. And the finale ties everything up neatly while still leaving the way open for more, just in case. But I'm sure you're all wanting to know: is Into The Wild Green Yonder any good? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. For me, this was the best of the bunch of these straight-to-DVD-etc movies. It's got some brilliant lines ("bite my shiny metal hat"), and the makers have also stepped up the visual gags a notch — if a few of the Vegas scenes don't have you rolling on the floor, then you must be dead or else someone who simply hates Futurama.
...says the review, whose entirety can be found HERE. If've found these direct-to-DVD movies to be extremelty uneven, but I ain't gonna stop buying them and can't imagine I ever will. After all, even tepid FUTURAMA is still better than roughly 98.9 percent of anything on television. INTO THE WILD GREEN YONDER hits on DVD & Blu-Ray February 24.

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