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Will Smith Talks HANCOCK Sequel...

Merrick here...
I'm fascinated that opinions about HANCOCK are so sharply divided. I get how & why the film could be criticized, but in my circle the haters seem to hate it & the lovers seem to worship it - with very few opinions falling in between (although I think Harry loved the first half of the movie and really didn't like the second half). Like Massawyrm (review HERE), I loved the hell out of HANCOCK and found it to solidify nicely on subsequent viewings (Blu-Ray, for example). I left its preview screening having many questions about its characters, their interrelations, and their histories. I thought HANCOCK was one of the more compelling and inventive superhero films we've seen in a while (not to discredit THE DARK KNIGHT in any way), and I was instantly horny to know and see more. Seems like that may well happen. JoBlo has a paraphrase from Will Smith, gleaned during one of Smith's pimping sessions for SEVEN POUNDS (trailer HERE).
When we asked Will if he'd ever be up for playing another superhero he replied that there were a lot of unexplored characters in the HANCOCK universe that would be ripe for a sequel and confirmed that we'll definitely see the rumored HANCOCK 2 in a few years. So who do you think these "unexplored characters could be?".
...says THIS ARTICLE at JoBlo. So there you have it. Are Smith and Theron really the last of their kind, or are others hidden out there...possibly with ungood agendas? Will we get a direct sequel, or a HIGHLANDER-esque prequel chronicling Smith & Theron's apparently dysfunctional relationship as they move through history, their immortality ebbing and flowing? We'll see. Flame away if you must. BUt I, for one, am unapologetically excited.

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