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NBC has reduced its episode order for “Knight Rider” from 22 to 17; its first season will conclude Feb. 25, the network announced Wednesday. James Hibberd at The Hollywood Reporter explains the show’s status:
This episode reduction likely spells the beginning of the end of the show, since "Rider" ratings have been abysmal. Unless there's marked improvement between now and the finale, it's tough to see NBC paying to bring back "Rider" next fall. Still, as with "Lipstick Jungle" -- which the network has not ordered new episodes for, but has also not pulled from its lineup -- NBC sources say they do not consider the show canceled. NBC picked up "Rider" for a full season in late October, relatively early in the show's run. Though modestly rated, the numbers had seemed to level off. After the pickup, "Rider" declined -- and kept declining -- with the most recent episode watched by 5.2 million viewers and earning a 1.5 rating among adults 18-49.
Read all of Hibberd’s story on the matter here.

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